File System Auditor reseller Thailand, Bangkok

allows administrators to audit file access, generate easy-to-understand compliance reports, and create alerts tied to file system events all from a centralized management console. File System Auditor protects sensitive information by reporting attempts to access and modify files and folders, with who did it and when.

Define Simple GUI selections to select audited tasks
Collect Event data is centrally stored on an SQL database
Audit usage and generate reports based on detailed criteria
Notify Configure reports to be generated and emailed in real-time

Enhanced Server Security
Organizations looking to validate their security controls, establish they have met compliance requirements or simply monitor file system activity, File System Auditor provides the real-time monitoring of every file system event needed to produce viable, trustworthy and complete reports of user activity.

File System Auditor – Reporting Console

File System Auditor reseller Thailand, Bangkok
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 Sample of  Audit Report

File System Auditor Sample of Audit Report
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Datasheets En Datasheets Th
 pdf  File System Auditor Brochure  pdf   File System Auditor Brochure
 pdf  Compare File System Auditor with  Native Native Auditin
 pdf  Comparison to Snapshot and Event Log Solutions


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