LG-Ericsson is cooperation between Swedish Ericsson group and South Korea group LG Electronics established in 2005.

LG-Ericsson Products
  • IP Phone 8802/8802A Entry level phones
  • IP Phone 8815 Office phone
  • IP Phone 8820 Office phone, PoE available
  • IP Phone 8830 Receptionist phone, PoE available
  • IP Phone 8840 Executive phone, PoE available
  • Expansion modules for the IP8800 series 2 flexible buttons module for Bluetooth and WiFi extension modules
IP8800E Series
The LG-Ericsson IP8800E series follows the SIP Standard, therefore it can be used with all VoIP systems. This series was first introduced in Thailand in 2010 and since then it has sold more than 10,000 units.

Full Featured SIP Phones, IP8800E Series
IP8800E Series are user friendly and easy-to-use standard SIP phones that enrich your communications experience. iPECS IP8800E Series are designed to best fit users’ business needs and Ericsson-LG Enterprise offers the broadest array of terminals from a basic entry level that lets you enjoy the benefits of IP telephony in its simplest form to the highly sophisticated needs of executives and global communicators. Ericsson-LG Enterprise SIP phones are cost effective, simple to install and easy to use with future proof technology. (Download IP8800 Series Brochure)

NETsolutions Asia is certified as LG-Ericsson IP-Phone Solution partner for VoIP system in Thailand.

We are a LG-Ericsson partner in Thailand.
For further information please contact with our sales department at:
Bangkok phone number +66 (2) 401 9255
e-mail: sales@nullnsasia.co.th
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