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PGP reseller Thailand, Bangkok

PGP Corporation develops secure-messaging and information-storage solutions used by thousands of corporate and millions of individual users worldwide to protect their confidential, sensitive, and proprietary information.

PGP the recognized worldwide leader in secure messaging and information storage, PGP Corporation develops, markets, and supports products used by a broad installed base of enterprises, businesses, governments, individuals, and cryptography experts to secure proprietary and confidential information.

During the past ten years, PGP® technology has built a global reputation for open and trusted security products. The PGP Corporation family of products ranges from automatic, self-managing network-based solutions for enterprises to individual desktop solutions.

PGP Universal Server

  • Gateway email encryption
  • PGP Desktop management
  • Digital signatures
PGP Desktop

  • Desktop email encryption
  • Digital signatures
  • IM encryption
PGP Command Line

  • Server-to-server encryption
  • FTP transfer encryption
  • Tape backup encryption
PGP Mobile

  • Seamless BlackBerry Support
  • End-to-end mobile security
  • Exchange & Notes Support
PGP Whole Disk Encryption

  • Full disk encryption
  • Transparent, non-stop operation
  • Centrally managed
We are the PGP Silver Partner in Thailand. For further information please contact with our sales department at:
Bangkok phone number +66 (2) 401 9255
or visit the PGP website.