Portlock reseller Thailand, Bangkok

Portlock is most recognized for its expertise and support within the Novell Netware disaster recovery and defragmentation solutions.
NETsolutions Asia has a number of successful installations and continues to market Portlock to the Novell environment within the region.

With the popularity of SUSE Linux under the Novell banner Portock is seen as being at the forefront the Disaster Recovery and Volume Defragmentition solutions.

System administrator time is expensive. But system downtime is more expensive. When things go wrong with a key server or desktop, you need storage management and disaster recovery tools that are not only extremely reliable and simple to use, but very fast and have strong technical support behind them.

Portlock Storage Manager is an enterprise-class product for managing storage. It is tested on a large number of machines and supports just about every kind of storage device. IDE, EIDE, SATA, SCSI, RAID, IDE RAID, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FireWire, USB and SANs are all supported. Our "bare-metal" image and restore technology supports thousands of server configurations from Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM and more.

Another Portlock's software is Volume Defrag which preform complete defragmentation fast and reliable.
This is powerful and comprehensive tool for improving the layout and performance of Novell NetWare file systems.
Other key features are support of any size NetWare volume and data redistribution across a volume after new segment is added.

We are the Portlock Software distributor for Thailand. For further information please contact with our sales department at:
Bangkok phone number +66 (2) 401 9255
e-mail: sales@nullnsasia.co.th
or visit the Portlock website.