Diskeeper®18 Administrator saves you time and money by providing complete centralized management of Diskeeper operations for all physical servers and PCs on your network, including installation, configuration, monitoring, updating, email reports, alerts and more.

Get Complete Control of Your Network

Diskeeper 18 Administrator makes deploying and managing Diskeeper on even the largest sites very simple.
With hundreds or thousands of workstations or physical servers on a network, trying to install and configure each one individually would be a time-consuming task. Keeping track of all of them would be nearly impossible otherwise.

With customized alerts, you can quickly detect:

  • Low Free Space
  • Severe File Fragmentation on HDD systems
  • Extreme Paging File or Metadata Fragmentation
  • Product Activation Expiration
  • Product Updates Available for Installation


  • Centralized Control – by giving IT professionals a site-wide Diskeeper management system
  • Advanced Reporting – sent to you via email with alerts, graphical performance summaries and more
  • Policy-Based Management – by using “Set It and Forget It”® policies to deploy & configure
  • Remote Access – by allowing interactive control from remote machines

Diskeeper 18 Administrator utilizes the Microsoft® .NET framework, and can store data on an existing SQL server®or SQL Express database on any workstation.

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