System Integration

NETsolutions Asia’s (NSA) years of experience has allowed us to help our clients retain legacy systems while integrating new systems that improve the performance of our client’s businesses, without disrupting their existing systems.


NSA has a wealth of experience both within proprietry systems and well as open source systems meaning we can provide you the added value though our experience with large and small companies, local and international, and our technical knowledge.

Our engineers are certified, not only within the Microsoft field which translates into a thorough knowledge within the Microsoft machine but also the Linux (Ubuntu, SUSE, REDHAT) and other proprietary and open source applications.


NSA technicians are A+ qualified and all engineers, in addition to the generic Microsoft certification, must be certified within the products they specialise in, be they security products, networking products, customer relationship management, or other.

Our product and staff certification coupled with our strict prodeures and standards, translates into knowledge and professionalism all of which differentiates NSA from other service providers; helping us to help you leverage the best solution to make you more competitive and efficient in your market place.